Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Accommodation later in the school year at Sheffield - Erika

Hi! It's Erika from Japan here again to tell you more about where I live now that I am on my main University course for the school year at Sheffield.

In the end of the summer, once I had finished my ELTC language course,  I decided where to live for the school year This is my seventh time moving home in my life.
My house has six bedrooms and we share the kitchen and two bathrooms. I wanted to live in a house  because I wanted to meet new friends and have similar experiences to the local British people studying at University in the UK.

Snow in Sheffield
Now I have five flatmates who came from four different countries. Of course, we have some cultural differences ,so we sometimes have meetings about our house rules. At the beginning, we decided on a cleaning rota so that each one of us cleans and organizes our house every week. It is really important to understand our thoughts and what we would like to ask housemates so that we can live together well.
In my house, there are only postgraduate students so our house is usually quite calm except from when it is someone’s birthday and on weekends. On my birthday, my flatmates sang a song holding a big cake and celebrated at midnight! We cannot have such an experience if we live alone. I am very happy to feel the atmosphere - we can invite a lot of friends over, and even strangers! If I get home, I always see someone new. In the last two months, my flatmates’ siblings and friends also visited them from their countries. We help each other, share some meals, talk about cultural differences and ask each other about our studies. It is really nice to live with people work hard for similar goals. Our courses are different, but we can share some similar feelings. These experiences make me feel relieved and feel like “we are not alone" as students at the University of Sheffield.

By Erika Uchiyama
International Office Ambassador for Japan


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