Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Introducing Tiffany from Hong Kong - Back to school!

Hi, my name is Tiffany (Hiu Lam Kwong) and I am an International Office Ambassador from Hong Kong. You can find out more about me here on the University web pages.


After a fantastic summer in the USA and at home (Hong Kong), it’s time to get back to Sheffield and finally go back to school. It took me quite a while to get used to the Sheffield weather again and to face the truth that it was not summer any more. 

Back to school means getting back to my classes, trainings and most importantly to me, my friends. I didn’t realise how much I miss Sheffield until I got back. Attending classes and having a social life might sound basic, but with the right combination of places and people, it is just simply awesome!

And yes - I finally get to walk to class again. Once in a while I actually love all those hills as guess it counts as workout?!   


Most importantly, having my own kitchen means only one thing. FOOD and DESSERT TIME! I love cooking and making desserts. I am definitely not a picky eater, but making my own fruit tarts can avoid all those work to get rid of the pastry cream and making my own pasta can avoid my time spend on avoiding all those onions and mushrooms. 

It’s time for class again and second year work really does count towards my final marks, so wish me luck!

By Tiffany (Hiu Lam) Kwong
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong
You can email me at

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