Monday, 9 February 2015

Introducing Yunpeng from China - Eating Chinese food in Sheffield

Hi, my name is Yunpeng Zhu and I'm an International Office Ambassador (IOA) for China. You can find out more about me here, on the University web pages. 

When I am working as an IOA, the most frequent questions that I am asked by prospective students are about Sheffield's Chinese restaurants. Interestingly, there were many times that I hadn't had lunch on-campus, or just had a sandwich meal deal from the campus shops, so their questions made my mouth water!

I believe when a Chinese person goes abroad, no matter how he/she has integrated with the local society, Chinese food will continue to play a vital role in his/her life forever.

There are plenty of Chinese resultants catering for full range of Chinese food in Sheffield. Especially in recent years, the increasing number of Chinese students booms the local oriental restaurants. Two main areas that serve Chinese food are on West Street, where you can find very tasty Cantonese flavors and on London Road,where you can get quintessential mainland dishes. I wanted to highlight that although the Chinese restaurants in the UK are perceived to have changed their original tastes, there are exceptions which taste 100% Chinese.

In my eyes, in the UK, the only better place than Sheffield in terms of Chinese food is to be found in Chinatown in London. In Sheffield, Chinese restaurants are sometimes a little bit more expensive than some of the other types of restaurants, but are cheap compared with the Chinese restaurants in other cities. If you wish to save some money, try smallish Chinese takeaway shops whose food may not be ideal but costs you less. Happy eating!

By Yunpeng Zhu
International Office Ambassador for China
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