Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tiffany's Christmas in Sheffield

Hi, it's Tiffany again here; an International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong.

I confess: I do miss my old high school Christmas parties, where I just turn up and eat, and then get tons of pressies to take home! Well, there might not be as much free food here as there was in Hong Kong, but there’s nothing like Christmas while you're at University in the UK. I think I kind of love it now I'm at Sheffield!


The Christmas meal with my team and Christmas Day at University actually makes me feel like I had Christmas for weeks on end. Christmas crackers aren't a thing we have back home, and I really liked having them here. Yes, I hate it when you're out and can’t move or stand without being hit by someone’s shoulder (a short girl problem) and crowded was an understatement for the Christmas celebrations at some point or another, but for sure I loved the University Christmas Day celebrations!

Christmas dinner, that was held at my University, was  just absolutely amazing;it’s just something more!  Although I have to clarify, I finished almost all the mince pies only because everyone on my table was too full for it! ;-)

And of course I didn’t forget my friends back home. There’s a reason why I love our number-one Students' Union; you can find all sort of help there. Simply take it all to the welcome desk and bling! the presents will be magically posted to your friends. (Yes you have to pay for the postage, I guess that’s the magic spell broken, huh?) 

You got me! I still send home-made Christmas cards to everyone and give out presents like I’m Santa, even from here in Sheffield! 

International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong 

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