Friday, 27 February 2015

Yunpeng Celebrates Chinese New Year in Sheffield

Hi everyone this is Yunpeng again. In my previous blog about Chinese food in Sheffield, I mentioned that with more Chinese students coming to and studying in Sheffield, there are an increasing number of Chinese restaurants in Sheffield.

General Office of Department of Civil & Structural Engineering in Chinese New Year Style
I always feel that when coming to a foreign country, we should experience the culture of this country and integrate with the local people. At the same time, we can also promote the good culture of our very own.  I am pleased to organise the second Chinese new year celebration event with my department and the society. 
My colleagues and I hosting the Chinese New Year of Sheep event

In 2014, we had around 50 attendees in the celebration of the year of horse. This year, the year of sheep, we have had over 80 attendees! In the past few months, my colleagues and I travelled back and forth, negotiating lots of 'nitty-gritty' between the department and the restaurant. The ticket was £12, £1 cheaper than the previous year's. The department subsided each student by £5, so each student only needed to pay £7! I was very glad to see my teachers and coursemates many of whom are my very good friends enjoyed the meal. We also planned some Chinese cultural quizzes, and also videos of the China, however, these were not shown due to the limitation of the venue. However, I have received lots of good feedbacks of the event and we will use them to make a better event for next year.

Outside the university, there are also different forms of celebrations of the Chinese new year, for example, the one in City Hall. We are very glad that despite thousands miles away from home, we can still celebrate this important time with our friends.

By Yunpeng Zhu
International Office Ambassador for China

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