Monday, 2 March 2015

Erika and recharging my energies for the next Semester at the University of Sheffield

Hi everyone, this is Erika, the International Office Ambassador for Japan. You can find out more about me on my profile.

Today, I went to Leeds to see my friend, which is about an hour away on the train. We have had one week break since the exams before the spring semester. Recently, a new shopping mall was open and lots of people came over and shop. There is a traditional place called the “Leeds Corn Exchange” which was originally built in 1862. It was really beautiful and I liked the place a lot. It was too cold to go to any parks today, but I want to visit and see their green spaces next time.  

After going back to Sheffield, I took a walk around the Weston Park. My favourite place is the pond besides the Western Bank Library. There are tiny bird-houses floating in the pond. I like to stay there and see some birds and people feeding them. This place is always calm. It reminds me of “Ukimidou Pavilion” in my hometown in Japan.    

The new semester is going to start from the day after tomorrow. From next week, I will be busier, but I am looking forward to the exciting spring term. 

By Erika Uchiyama
International Office Ambassador for Japan



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