Friday, 6 March 2015

Erika learns something new and makes career connections in Sheffield

Hi everyone, it's Erika, the International Office Ambassador for Japan. You can find out more about me and my time at Sheffield on my profile.

How are you? It is still cold in Sheffield but the daytime is gettng longer and lighter than before. I cannot wait for spring!
Today, I would like to talk about my course a bit. I am taking the MA Intercultural Communication course to study cultural awareness, language acquisition and the process of accepting cultural differences to understand cultural diversity.

This Tuesday, we had a Professional Bridging Day in our department. This is where some workers from companies came to our University and gave presentations about their work.

It was a great opportunity to think about our career plan concretely, because some workers actually graduated from our course some years ago and explained how our study can applied to their jobs. It was really interesting and they seem to pave the way for us to use  our courses in the future. Especially, I was pleased and proud to find  that one of the people who graduated from our course as an international student now works here in Sheffield.

On the day, I met one of the workers in the educational sector and talked about my work experiences and my interests. They suggested that I contact them at work and visit one day. I was really happy to be invited!

This afternoon, I visited their office and talked about educational materials together for hours. He let me join him in their work as a research volunteer. I am so glad that I can do something related to international education in terms of culture and globalization. I hope I will be able to learn something new here in Sheffield that I could not experience in Japan.

By Erika Uchiyama
International Office Ambassador for Japan

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