Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hanyan introduces part-time job opportunities on the University of Sheffield campus

Hello everyone, this is Hanyan, the International Office Ambassador for China. You can find out more about me and my time in Sheffield on my profile.

Today, I going to introduce some campus jobs that you may find in the University of Sheffield, which can add to your CV and stand out from hundreds of job seekers.

Students’ Union Officer

Every year during March you will find there are posters, slogans, even videos everywhere in the University to tell you which candidate can bring “brighter future” for students; there are also a bunch of candidate dressed conspicuously and make some impassioned speed to deliver for their votes before your lectures. These are students running to  be elected to work in the Students' Union (SU). You might think its a bit annoying during the campaign week, but you must admit being in a member of SU officers will enrich your CV a lot!

Each student will take up one of eight positions and represent students’ interests in the SU, University and the wider world. Officers represent the views of Sheffield students locally and nationally. They make sure student views are listened to and acted upon by working with the relevant people who can bring about change. They represent student views on SU Council, University bodies and various Students’ Union Committees as well as campaigning for students’ rights.

International students will often apply for International Officer position on the SU council. This position will representing the Students’ Union on all matters international and advocating for international students in the SU, University and wider community for better life and study in the UK. Being part of the SU as an officer can let you ‘make a difference’, also it’s a great opportunity to prove your problem solving skills and your responsibility to your future employer.

Student Ambassador 

There are various types of Student Ambassador and most of these are paid part-time positions working within the University.

Brand Ambassador 

This position is an opportunity to act as liaisons between businesses and your university. These ambassadors normally plan and host fun events on campus, act as a campus contact for your teams, and help businesses better understand each university’s culture. This could be the first step to enter your ideal business.

Students’ Union Ambassador 

Being a friendly and knowledgeable ambassador for the Students’ Union across a range of activities and events such as Graduation, Intro Week, Open Days and Freshers Fair, as well as for specific marketing campaigns. Main duties Includes: 

  • Delivering information such as leaflets and posters
  • Running activities and events;
  • Directing people and assisting with their enquiries. 
Being a SU Brand Ambassador will show your communication skills and team-working skills to your employer, which could also add on to your CV.

International Office Ambassador 

Yes, this is my current position. As an International Office Ambassador (IOA), you will work as part of a team responsible for student recruitment and marketing activities in a specific country or geographical region. As such, IOAs are required to represent the University and the International Office in a professional and enthusiastic manner and to contribute to delivery of International Office goals and targets for each year recruitment. 

We will participating in a telephone calling campaign to talk to international students offer holders, writing a regular blog about experiences as an international student at Sheffield (which I’m doing right now), also have to deliver campus tours to international visitors to Sheffield and participating in online chats with perspective international students.

Being an IOA will show your ability of communication and understanding of the University of Sheffield, this will also demonstrate your good customer service skills and communications skills to your future employer.

Orientation (Induction) Week Assistant

I was an orientation week assistant once during my second year (2013), which was a great experience I would never forget. Orientation takes place before the start of each academic semester. Orientation Week happens the week before Intro Week in September. Orientation includes lots of events and activities to help you find your way around Sheffield, meet other new students and adjust to life at university. This experience is particularly useful for new international students because we know that moving to a new country always involves some additional challenges.

As an Orientation Assistant you will be responsible for running events, facilitating social activities, providing information to participating students, and generally providing a supportive and friendly welcome to the University. 

This will be a great experience to meet people from diverse culture and making new friends, therefore I strongly recommend to new students to participate and you can be an orientation assistant to support new students when you are in second year or even third year.

Being an orientation assistant will definitely demonstrate your international awareness and team-working skills to your future employers.


There are so many campus jobs you can find in the University. You can either go online (MyVacancies) or Jobshop for part-time job opportunities and On Campus Placements. If you don’t have any working experience before, you can try out Taste of Work provide by Career Service. 

Good luck!

By Hanyan Shi
International Office Ambassador for China

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