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Life in Sheffield - from a Taiwanese Student's view

Hello the world, This is Cynthia.

This is my third year here, and my second year of my university.
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So, whenever I chat with people, especially people from Taiwan. They usually have a very blurry image of Sheffield. I can totally understand. This is similar to when I talk to the locals here, most of them only know Taipei.

Today, I would like to tell you what Sheffield looks like from a Taiwanese student's perspective. I hope after reading this, you will get a more clear picture about Sheffield (the university and the city itself).

Image a city like Tainan, but without as many restaurants. 

Yes, I know that Tainan is famous of its local food. You may think, what? without food, what does Tainan have. What does Tainan have? It has a slower life style than a capital city, people are friendly (though their Chinese is sometimes with different accent), the whole city is safe, and it is green.

And this is how Sheffield looks like. A place is not located in the centre of UK, but yet it is not too far. People here walk slower, and from my point of view, their English is slightly different than people from London (Yorkshire accent)

A City-Campus make you feel safe. 

Sheffield is a place that will make international students feel safe.
Try to think of the National Cheng Gong University in a larger size, and if it were a city campus.
This means that, whenever you walk on the street, you kind of know people around you are also students. And more over, Sheffield has two universities!

UK is large, but Sheffield is close to EVERYWHERE. 

Since Taiwan is an small island, it would not take a long time for Taiwanese people to reach another city. Say we drive from Taipei to Tainan, it would take only 4 hours. But the UK is different, it is larger geographically. But Sheffield does have the advantage of its location. You will only need 4 hours to reach Scotland, and 2 hours to London. If you take the air plane to Manchester, it takes only 1 hour to Sheffield. Living in Sheffield makes my holiday really wonderful! I can go to anywhere in hours!

I am from Taipei, a capital city, but I can say that, staying in Sheffield does not make me feel that I am staying in some countryside. It is just awesome :)

Please feel free to make any comment below, I would love to see it!

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