Friday, 20 March 2015

Yoon's favourite place near the University of Sheffield: Western Park

Hiya! My name is Yoon Young Cho, one of the ambassadors in International Office representing South Korea and you can find more about me here

I would like to introduce one of my favourite places in campus. As you might realise from the title of my blog, it is WESTERN PARK!!

The Western Park is the small size park in campus; it is located on the way to Politics Department which is also known as Elmfield building. I almost walk pass the park everyday when I have seminars, lectures or meeting with my tutors in Elmfield building.

I personally love the park because the scenery is just amazing!! Especially, when the weather is really nice, it is the perfect place to chill out. Also, there is also small museum inside the park, where you also can enjoy some special exhibitions.

To give you a tip! There is also a cafĂ© inside the museum where you can enjoy really good quality of food and drinks. There is ‘Happy Hour Time’ it is normally before 11am and after 2.30pm you can enjoy hot filtered coffee only for 1 pound.

By Yoon Young Cho
International Office Ambassador for South Korea
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