Monday, 13 April 2015

Yoon's experience with Sheffield Volunteering: Being an Ambassador

Hiya! My name is Yoon Young Cho, one of the Ambassadors in the International Office, representing South Korea and you can find more about me here.

I would like to share my wonderful experience of being an ambassador for Sheffield Volunteering. This role was my very first step to get involved within the University community, especially with the student union. I also have amazing memories from when I worked as a Sheffield Volunteering ambassador.

There are number of roles within Sheffield Volunteering's ambassador scheme, first of all, there is a role to help on the information desk, handing out leaflets during events in the Students' Union. Next, this is the most exciting role, which is being an organiser for the Give-It-A-Go volunteering events for a day. It involves taking volunteers who signed up for the event to the organisation and working with them on whatever they will be doing that day. Also, there is work as an assistant planner, working with the Sheffield Volunteering committees to plan their work. I worked with their events team with brainstorming any interesting events for volunteers to do. Finally, you could be Buzby, the massive big bee which is the mascot for Sheffield Volunteering. However, you do need to be tall enough to be Buzby and wear the costume!

By the end of the spring semester, there is a yearly awards event called the Sheffield Volunteering Awards . It is an event to celebrate all of the hard-working volunteers and amazing volunteering projects they have run. I was awarded Ambassador of the Year in 2014. I highly recommend getting involved in being a Sheffield Volunteering ambassador. It was a great opportunity to get involved with University life and to be engaged with new volunteers. Moreover, you will feel very responsible to be representing the Sheffield Volunteering. Finally, I personally think that it was the best way to have fun and do all sorts of  good things by volunteering.

By Yoon Young Cho
International Office Ambassador for South Korea
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