Monday, 20 April 2015

Yunpeng sees the Queen in Sheffield!

Hi everyone! It's Yunpeng Zhu again here, one of the Chinese International Office ambassadors studying here at Sheffield.

In this blog I am talking about Queen Elizabeth's recent visit to Sheffield over the Easter period!

On the 2nd April, her majesty the queen visited Sheffield and host the first Maundy service at Sheffield Cathedral.  I think this is definitely a big day and a historic moment for Sheffield and South Yorkshire. The weather had been terrible over the past 10 days, but when the Queen came, the weather became fabulous!

You can see more of this experience from my view in my video below:

I am a foreigner so it took me some time to learn the story of Maundy Thursday ; the reason behind the excitement of the Queen’s visit. Each year in Easter, the queen visits a different city in the UK to give ‘Maundy money’ to pensioners. Dating back to the fifteenth century, it is a long tradition in Britain which remarks the elder people’s contribution to the community work. This year, the 89-year old queen met 89 ladies and 89 gentlemen in Sheffield.  

China and Britain are two countries that have rich histories and cultures. The last time when the Queen visited China was 30 years ago. She visited 5 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Kunming and Guangzhou. Although the Queen has not yet visited China again since, the Chinese premier and the Queen met in Windsor Castle in 2014. Meanwhile there have been more communications between the two countries. I would say that she is definitely more than welcome and we really want her to visit China again! What a great experience to have while being a student here in Sheffield!

By Yunpeng Zhu
International Office Ambassador for China


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