Monday, 27 April 2015

Yunpeng talks about the libraries at the University of Sheffield

Hi everyone this is Yunpeng Zhu again, one of the Chinese International Office Ambassadors In this blog I will be talking about the libraries here at the University of Sheffield. 

The major libraries of the university are the Information Commons, St George's and Western Bank. Opened in 2007, the Information Commons is located near the University roundabout and is most frequently used by taught and research students. The library opens 24:7 throughout the year and you can see lots of hard-working students studying there. St George's Library is near West Street and has lots of engineering books. The Western Bank library is probably the most beautiful library in Sheffield. It is adjacent to the Western Park which is a public park, with lots of trees and animals. 

Take a nap, then get a coffee and do some work in a sunny Spring afternoon in the library. This is the beautiful scene that you can see outside the Western Bank Library (Picture taken by Yunpeng)

In each library we can use computers and printing facilities. The computers are installed with managed desktop. Once we finish our work we can save it on one computer and the next time we can continue with our work on another computer. The printers are also easy to use and have different options, for example, black and white and colour. We can also use the scanners in the libarary.

When we want to borrow the book we can use the machine which allows us to self-issue books and manage our own borrowing and return of books and other resources. Before we go the library we can search for the book that we want on our university's online library, which will tell us which shelf the book will be on. Then we can head to the library to collect the book by ourselves. Even sometimes we can request the book, and the library staff will reserve the book for us then we can go to the ground floor of the library to collect the book.

I think that the University has a very good book borrowing system. If the book is unavailable at that moment, we will know it before heading to the library so this avoids disappointment. We will be automatically put in a queue to borrow the book. If too many people are requesting one book the University will be notified and may buy more copies.  The University's online library also provides accesses to many external online libraries where electronic versions of the books are downloadable.

By Yunpeng Zhu
International Office Ambassador for China

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