Friday, 1 May 2015

Erika's Easter Break in Vienna

 It’s Erika here, the Japanese ambassador for the University of Sheffield's International Office.  You can find out more about me on my web page. 

 Today, I would like to share my experiences in the Easter break.

Opera House in Vienna
During the Easter break, many friends traveled around in Europe. I decided to go to Vienna to feel arts in the second week. It was a great trip actually.

 I spent a lot of time to see paintings and sculptures in museums.In the evening, I went and see Orchestra with my friend. I also could watch the ballet with opera there.

In the afternoon, I visited more than five museums. Especially, Esperanto museum was unique and I learned about this artificial language from Intercultural perspective. It was small, but people who are interested in linguistics could enjoy and learn a lot.

From Domkirche St. Stephan
 I felt people are really calm in Vienna.The city was quiet and clean. I really liked the atmosphere of the city even though I could not speak German except "Danke."

 There are many traditional buildings here and there. So, the scenery was awesome seen from the top of the cathedral. Also the roof mosaic was facinating. I took a lot of pictures there. I cannot imagine how to make such a great art.

  On our way to the top of the North tower, We found a huge bell in the cathedral. It was a bit green, I wanted to hear the sound. The sound of the Chime in the church is amazing. This lets us feel "We are here in Vienna."

 I have been played the Electronic Organ since I was four. When I was a child, my father said "If you have a chance to go to the church, listen to the sounds of the pipe organ. It was solemn and beautiful."  Indeed, this instrument can sound what the electronic machine cannot express. I was impressed such a wonderful atmosphere the church has.


From a bridge in Salzburg
The purpose of this travel is not only going to Vienna. I wanted to see the scenery of "the Sound of Music." My grand father really liked it and he sang "Do Re Mi" song many times for me.  Two years ago, I practiced playing "My Favorite Things" with my organ. If you go to Salzburg, you will remember a lot of scenes of this musical. I went to the abbey where Maria worked in the film. Also, there are some pretty cafes and the house Mozart was born. I saw a traditional piano he actually used.

  I had a precious time in Austria. I highly recommend this place to visit when you are a student at the University of Sheffield

By Erika Uchiyama
 International Office Ambassador for Japan

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