Wednesday, 6 May 2015

For the new Sheffielder - [packing] How to pack your life to Sheffield

Hello the world, this is Cynthia.

I believe that May is a perfect time to think about 'what should I bring in my luggage' for people who are going to join us this Sep. Because you will need months to say goodbye to your friends and family... And trust me, you really need to start doing this (or at least start thinking) early.
How to bring your whole life in a luggage to another country, it is heavier then you think. But here, I'm going to provide you some tips that I found useful.

1. Prepare an empty luggage.
So, what I did is, I prepared a very large size luggage. Then whenever I saw something and felt "I will need this when Im away from Taiwan" I would put the stuff into that luggage.

2. [for girls] Bring your skin-care products.

I do not mean that UK does not have good skin-care products, but the products most girls use in Taiwan are imported from Japan, which is hard to find here.
So if you are used to using any Japanese brand products, I would suggest you to bring them here.

3. A rice cooker?

Many people have asked me if they need to bring a rice cooker here. In fact there are many places sell rice cookers, and you can buy one in lots of ways (online and retail).
If you are not looking for a Taiwanese brand rice cooker, you can always find one in Sheffield for a reasonable price.

4. Stationary? I would say YES

YES, I have brought a lot of pens, pencils here. Again, the pens sold in Taiwan are mostly from Japan, and so far I did not see any of them in the UK. So this probably will be the only thing I would put in my MUST bring List.

oh, and almost forget to mention -
----Try to buy a student air ticket----
A student ticket does not mean you will have any extra discounts, but you will have a heavier luggage allowance.

Lastly, I know exactly how it feels when you do the packing. But don't worry, Sheffield really has everything you need in your daily life.

If you would like to contact me (to ask any questions or have a chat), just email :D

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