Monday, 4 May 2015

Yunpeng talks about Sheffield and Research Conferences

Hello everyone, this is Yunpeng, an International Office Ambassador for China. Find out more about me on my web page.

This time of a year is probably the most beautiful time in England. Weathers are so adorable and flowers are blooming! I would suggest you visit us on a University open day, or register for a campus tour!

In my previous blogs I talked about undergraduate research in Sheffield University. As you may be aware, all our lectures and courses are research-based. This includes most of our lecturers in all departments are doing cutting-edge researches. Their research outcomes will be used for undergraduate/post graduate teaching. We, undergraduate students, although mostly attend lectures and pass exams, are also offered a flavour of research through the University!

I am pleased to tell you that my research project, which I introduced to you in my previous blog, was selected to present in a national-wide conference, called British Conference for Undergraduate Research. This year, there were undergraduates from over 30 countries including China, USA, Australia and UAE that flied across the globe to join this conference in Winchester, a beautiful city in South England. 

Winchester Cathedral near the conference centre

I am very proud that Sheffield University managed to send around 10 students to the conference. Our abstracts were selected by the panel and we did a presentation using slide presentations/posters. Our topics covered Engineering (like mine), Social Study, Science and Literature etc.

So if you come to Sheffield University, I would suggest you have a go on research about your field of study. A good start is always your departmental webpage which has an outline of your modules of study. So whilst you are having a relaxed pre-university summer holiday, you may also grab a few books to read, which will help you understand your courses more quickly, as well as develop your research skills and get you prepared for independent university study.

By Yunpeng Zhu
International Office Ambassador for China

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