Monday, 1 June 2015

Lacuo visits the best Chinese restaurants in Sheffield

Hi, it’s Lacuo (Bingma Lacuo) and I am an International Office Ambassador for China. You can find our more about me here on the University web pages.

One of the most magnificent things of living in Sheffield is having a chance to dine out in those surprisingly good Chinese restaurant, which attracts a lot of population from all places. So here I’d like to endorse for those Chinese restaurants that are worthy of trying.

Zing Vaa
  • Location: 55, The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF (close to Bhs)
  • Review: It is said to be the first Chinese restaurant in Sheffield. Zing Vaa mainly served traditional Szechuanese and Cantonese cooking. The Dim sum exclusively served in the Sunday morning will definitely delight the taste bud!
  • Special offer: Finest Dim sum offered in Sunday morning 
  • Price: averagely about £10 per person

Wong Ting
  • Location: 6-8 Matilda Street, Sheffield, S1 4QD
  • Review: Nice food and good price. But the food quality is strongly dependent on the emotion of the chef. If he is happy enough then you’ll probably enjoy the best Chinese food in Sheffield.
  • Special: Ribs with black bean sauce, Fujian stir rice, Egg custard tofu.
  • Price: averagely £10-£20 per person

Man Ting Hong
  • Location: 21-23 Matilda Street, City Centre, Sheffield, S1 4QB
  • Review: Different from most Chinese restaurants which provide mild-taste food only, Man ting hong is expert in cooking hot dish. The baked fish together with dryly stirred hot pot is superb among all the spicy choice.
  • Special: Spicy hot pot with baked fish 
  • Price: averagely £15 per person

Noodle Inn
  • Location: 156 London Rd, Sheffield S2 4LT, England
  • Review: The most famous Chinese noodles restaurant. Most noodles are served with deliberately cooked soup, which makes the taste of every ingredient in harmony with each other.
  • Special: Noodles of course
  • Price: Up to £10 per person.

Hui Wei

  • Location: 221 Glossop Road, Sheffield S10 2GW 
  • Review: Last but not least, here is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Sheffield. Hui wei offers elaborate dishes that totally worth the price. Nothing I've tried in Hui wei has ever let me down. Not only do they provide a wide range Chinese dishes , but they also offer drinks that has helped them to win the best pubs in England.
  • Special: Plum duck, Dry Fried Rice Noodles with Beef, Chicken and corn soup
  • Price:£10-£20 per person

Of course these are just a corner of iceberg, so just hang out with your friends and enjoy them!

By Lacuo Bingma

International Office Ambassador for China

You can email me at

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