Friday, 5 June 2015

One film to watch before coming to Sheffield!

It’s Erika here, the Japanese ambassador for the University of Sheffield's International Office.
You can find out more about me on my web page. 

  Last week, my friends who are studying in Intercultural Communication and International Development invited me and other friends to the workshop in the Information Commons.
  In this library, there are some spaces where we can have discussions, prepare presentations,watching videos and even have lectures. Many people especially who have group work assignment all the time are happy to use these facilities with other students.

Workshop @Information Commons 
  In our workshop, we watched L'Auberge Espagnole at the beginning. This story is about one French guy who moves to Spain for study. It depicts some culture shock and struggle with his friends, family, teachers and flatmates.
Basically this film is comedy-based and we laughed a lot.  However, you can learn what cultural diversity is with three different languages: French, Spanish and English in this film. I recommend you see this film before coming here. It is not only the matter of language differences but also you can learn how to go beyond the borders people have.

Student Union -Cafe Deli-
 After watching this film, we made small groups and talked about this film and our own experiences.
 It reminded us that what we thought at the beginning of this postgraduate course. I am really proud of my friends who planned this workshop. We originally were from different countries last September, but we gradually have noticed why we got together and exchanged our thoughts and understand the importance of Interpersonal communication as well.

My favorite cafe near the station
 Sometimes people treated me as only one of foreigners, Japanese, or women, but others understand me as "Erika." It might take some time that we would understand with each other, but it is nice that we can communicate with others and find things in common beyond our cultural differences.
I hope you will go through such an awesome experience here in Sheffield near future.


By Erika Uchiyama
 International Office Ambassador for Japan

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