Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tiffany's Life in Sheffield during in May

After a crazy week of varsity, here comes May! It's me - Tiffany -  back again to tell you all about my life in May. 

Finally it's the time of the year where you can have a sunny day in Sheffield. Not to say it's rare, but it really doesn't happen that much until the Spring, although we could all agree that Sheffield's weather change faster than a girls' mind! It can be sunny and windy and all in a sudden it will even rain. So as usual guys, don't forget your hoodie even the sun is out. You WILL need it. Generally I would say I enjoy the wether in May as it is not too cold or too warm and it is always good to be Spring Summer coming up after a long and snowy winter. And yes you're right this is THE weather talk. We just love to talk about the weather!

However I do have a mixed feeling for May. Yes I love the weather but for me and almost every student in Sheffield, it is also the essay season. With loads of deadlines in May, it can often be quite stressful. If you need any help, dont hesitate to talk to someone. Theres always someone there to help, it could be your friends, your tutor or the student advice centre. 

You might realise I have never talk about my university work, so I guess this would be the perfect time. For me, I can't work in the library. I would feel really sleepy by stepping into the library. For most of my friends, they basically move into the IC (Information Commons) in May. Sheffield University have a few different libraries, the most popular one would be the IC. It opens 24/7 all year and you can eat and talk, providing a really relaxed environment. But if you are more into an absolute silence study space, Western Bank would be the perfect fit. 

I am gonna have to get back to my work now (that's student life). Hope you all are enjoying you time so far. It's less than a month till summer so seize your time in school!!

By Tiffany Hiu Lam Kwong
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong 

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