Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Erika reflects on her year at the University of Sheffield

It’s Erika here, the Japanese ambassador for the University of Sheffield's International Office.
You can find out more about me on my web page. 

Last week, I was looking back to this time last year and realising how much thigs have changed. 
When I arrived at Sheffield on June 29th 2014, I did not have anyone who had known me except the previous IOA who gave me a call before I came here.  

Weston Park in June, 2015
 I was a little bit wondering what I should do if there was no places to stay or no buses to go to the University because I was just holding a small map and my suitcase. 
I still remember that a gentleman talked to me and told me the bus stop for 120. I got off the bus in front of the Student Union by mistake. Someone talked to me and let the bus driver know I would like to get off around endcliffe.
I thought I was glad that I could come here.

 I met seven new flatmates and we spent a whole summer for studying in the Bartolome. We passed Weston Park every morning and enjoyed the British summer. Many people often say it is rainy and cloudy all the time in the UK, but I was really lucky that I had rain only twice last summer. 

Almost every day, I met new people and gradually knew many people living in Sheffield. I had lots of experiences and small culture shock during summer. At first, I could not understand why my teacher said "Go to pubs to try British Breakfast" because  it did not make sense for me to have breakfast where we drink alcohol. My friend and me tried typical British Breakfast at 4 pm where people were drinking beer next to us in Endcliffe. I learned a bit interesting time orientation in the U.K. Now I can understand what it is and how people think about British Breakfast, fish & chips and a cup of milk tea. 

After the presessional, I had an exam to enter my course. I could not sleep at night on the day before the exam and I was too nervous to look at the result of the exam and presentation. When my friend took a look at my score instead of me and said "Congrats" to me, I wanted to cry. I really like English as a language, but I knew my English was not good enough to study at the academic level. So it took 7 years to decide to come here by myself and study Intercultural Communication with other people from different countries. I know some friends living in London so it might be easier to live there, but I would like to start everything by myself here in the U.K to meet new people. I really appreciate that the University gave me a ticket to travel postgraduate life in Sheffield for me.  
I visited a place near River Slea for my research
 Now I have still struggle with English and often thought "I knew what they meant, but I did not come up with any appropriate words. Hope it would not be rude." 

 I am not sure how long I would stay in the U.K. but I would like to do something for Sheffield before I leave. Maybe it might be a small thing, but Sheffield gave me things much more than I expected.  

By Erika Uchiyama
 International Office Ambassador for Japan
 Email: japan@sheffield.ac.uk 

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