Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tiffany tells all about the Student Union Varsity - This city is ours!!

Hi everyone! This is Tiffany, International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong.

Sports is a really big part of my university life and here comes the biggest sports event of the year: VARSITY!!! This is a big sports competition between the two Universities in Sheffield - The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. And I am so proud to tell you all, the University of Sheffield won varsity and it's three years in a roll!!!! This city is OURS!

I played in basketball again this year although we didn't win the match but we smashed Hallam in the first half of the match and I am so proud of my team. I always love to play in varsity as everyone is so united and the environment is so good with so many supporters. I am so proud to be one of the team members who can play for the University of Sheffield. We love you Sheff Uni, we do!!

I also supported at the varsity sports park day. Although it was really cold but it was so worth it so support everyone in the University family. It's no surprise that taking part in Varsity is the biggest motivation for me to finish my essays way early before deadline. It is important to do your schoolwork, although I still feel like deadlines shouldn't be allowed during Varsity. Hahaha I was just kidding!! 
If you've missed varsity this year, remember to get involved next year! It is definitely the best time of the year and there's no other Varsity like Sheffield Varsity. Friendship always comes first than competition but I am still really happy that we smashed the poly (what some people still call Sheffield Hallam, which was formerly a polytechnic institute). Sports Sheffield is more than sports but it also gives me a lot of good friends and team mates. 
I am already really excited for Varsity next year and I am looking forward to the University of Sheffield winning the Varsity championship four years in a roll! Always black and gold!<3

By Tiffany (Hiu Lam Kwong)
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

For email enquiries, please contact Heather.Duggan@sheffield.ac.uk during the Summer period as our Hong Kong ambassadors will not be in the office.


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