Thursday, 27 August 2015

Erika's Happy Family Day Out - Heading for The Heights of Abraham

It’s Erika here, the Japanese ambassador for the University of Sheffield's International Office.
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Hiking @ The heights of Abraham

Last weekend, my flatmates and I went to a day trip to The Heights of Abraham. We were looking forward to going there.
 On the way to the place, we did a game that we added one sentence each and made a fake story. We laughed and laughed all the time.
 After we got to the station, there was a small path. We took a cable car to go up to the mountain and saw the beautiful scnery. Unfortunately, it was raining a bit. But we do not mind so much. It was really fun!
 We also visited two caves in the mountain. I was a bit scared because we walked into really dark and cold places. There were some children and they said "I'm afraid..'  The guides counted how many people we had twice, which scared me more. Hope we did not lose anyone.
I wish it could be sunny on the day when we took pictures.

This trip reminded me that there are full of green in South Yorkshire. Fom Sheffield to The Heights of Abraham, it took only one hour and half by train. It is amazing we can access these beautiful places easily.

Also I really appreciated that one of my flatmate arranged everything for us. My flatmates are all postgrad and we are from diffrent departments. Since last September, we have called ourselves "Happy Family" and talked various things. We are from five different countries and share interesting stories. Sometimes, we discussed really serious things but most of the time, we had much fun. We celebrated everyone's birthday and shared meals. Once I was really upset for everything, they knocked my door and gave me pretty flowers and sweets. Especially their smiles made me happy. I am glad to have this special family in the U.K.

By Erika Uchiyama
 International Office Ambassador for Japan

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