Monday, 21 September 2015

Tiffany's Fresher Pro Tips

Hello everyone hope you’re having a great time in Sheffield and settling down well. My name is Tiffany and I'm anInternational Office Ambassador for Hong Kong.
It’s the back to school season again and I thought I would share with you some Fresher’s tips that are useful. (And this is not only for Freshers but also everyone; everyone is new and fresh in a new year!)

Pro Tip 1:
Talk more! Literally grab the chance and talk to everyone. Don’t be shy. Everyone is new and on the same boat as you are so just be bold and talk. A simple ‘Hi, how are you?’ would be a good enough conversation starter with whoever you bump into in your course or accommodation. Be social and outgoing!

Pro Tip 2:
For those like me whose first language is not English, don’t be scared because you don’t speak as well cause it’s totally normal. It’s already impressive to speak two or more languages and no one would laugh at you. Practice makes perfect. It’s a valuable chance to be able to study in England so embrace your accent and just speak up!

Pro Tip 3:
Join societies and sports. Sheffield’s student union is ranked number one for a reason. If you’re not sure what you like to do, I strongly recommend all of you to go for GIVE IT A GO. It’s a program with so many different one off events that you can try before you commit. What’s better than that? Even if you decide that’s not your thing you might know some friends from GIAG like I did.

Pro Tip 4:
Travel around and explore Sheffield and Europe. You can go for day trips organized by the student union or go some weekend road trip with your friends. The world is so big and there is so much to explore. Go to peak district if you feel like hiking or go to nearby city to visit. While you’re still in Sheffield treasure you chance as everywhere is so nearby. Don’t just stay in your room!

Pro Tip 5:
Relax and just be yourself. University is so different from high school and being in a new country with different culture is never easy. However don’t stress out! If things don’t work well at the beginning, it will be better later. If you’re seriously not feeling it, you know you can always seek help from the student advice center. Transition might be hard but once you get through it, you will fall in love with Sheffield and don’t ever want to leave university. You be You!

Have fun and enjoy Sheffield and university everyone!

By Tiffany (Hiu Lam) Kwong
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong

Tiffany steps out of her comfort zone in Summer 2015

Hi guys, hope you all have had a lovely summer! This is Tiffany, International Student Ambassador from Hong Kong .

I believe that most international students will go home for their summer but it’s actually a good idea to travel around. Especially for those of you having a three months summer holiday! This summer I went to United States and it has been a blast. I tried so many new things and I think all of you should also step out of your comfort zone more often! The outcome will definitely surprise you.

I was never an outdoor person. But in California everyone seems to love the nature. I actually really enjoy eating outside on the lawn and even want to go hiking! I also went to the aquarium and different museums in my free time and I loved it. These aren’t the things that I’ll usually do but it has become my new interest.  
One fun thing was I was super terrified of ants until one of my housemate decided to keep some giant ants as pets (yes she kept it as pets I am serious).

You’d be surprise how different people talk in America. My friends always find my British words funny. Guess I’ve learnt a bit during the two years in Sheffield! 
Going to different countries and meeting different people is always fun. It also makes me realize how lucky I am that I can meet all these people from different countries in Sheffield. I bet you also love the diversity like I do.

For the last month of my summer, I went back home. Seeing all my friends and having all those good food make it just perfect. Now it’s time to go back to Sheffield! And I actually missed university so much even though summer was fun.

Hope to see you all soon in Sheffield!
By Tiffany (Hiu Lam) Kwong
International Office Ambassador for Hong Kong